WOW… this is powerful!!!

What I am about to share with you today not many people know and some tattoo artist charge for such a service … Now you don’t have to pay for it any more.

We all know that if you take any existing tattoo designs and add lettering to it you will get tattoo that is yours and personal (unique).

Here is a 3 easy step process anyone can follow to get just that a unique tattoo design!


Find a tattoo design you want to use



Find fonts you want to use:


Step 3

Put it all together and you got yourself a unique tattoo


Let me run trough steps again:

  1. Find tattoo design (click here to get access to 25,000 tattoo designs instantly its free to join)
  2. Find fonts that you like and want to use (go to and download fonts that you like for free)
  3. Use image editor like Photoshop to add your text to tattoo design (print it and take it to your artist)

I just want to add that if you don't have Photoshop (it is bit expensive) you can use Piknic or Splashup for free!

Also in step 3 you will have to install fonts on to your computer so I have taken few videos from YouTube to help you do that:

Video 1 How to install fonts on your PC

Video 1 How to install fonts on your MAC

I hope that you find this information useful,

Have a great day,


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33 Responses to “Create Unique Tattoo Design in 3 Easy Steps”

  1. tazz

    i would like ideas on a neck tatoo, a white quarter moon with a white star, close to inside the moon, inside a green circle or some sort of green surrounding please.

    Also my red nose pit got killed in a hit an run, i would like to immortilise him on my arm, whats best a portrait of his face or whole picture portrait???

    Watch ur shows all the time, u all r good artists an would appretiate ur views.

    Tazz – Berkshire – reading – uk

  2. Martin Dupuis

    I got an existing tattoo on an arm and would like to had something beside it to complete and enlarge the surface toward the shoulder. Can i send you a picture of it and tell you roughly what i would like? I live in Canada but go to Miami few times a year and would like to have it done by you.
    Could you help?

  3. Sue Hoskins

    I haven’t seen any tatoo pictures that look like what I want.
    I want two Angels or Cherubs facing eachother holding two hearts that intertwine, symbolizing my two children.
    The tatoo will be between my shoulder blades.

  4. Manon

    Hi Mike

    I have a tatoo on my lower back that i wish to change and make it bigger .
    I would like to know what is the procedure to come in Miami and when that would be possible.
    The design is an elf, still want an elf but a warrior one with a sweet face.

    Manon from Montreal

  5. Annmarie

    Hi there i am travelling from Australia to LA in a few weeks holidays and just to have a tattoo done by you guys. I have a design i really like but i am wishing for my kids names to be placed in it i have 8 children four girls four boys so im hoping you are able to help me with some ideas. Your Help Would Be Appreciated.

  6. Maria

    Good advice. I am getting my first tattoo soon and appreciate all the advice I can get. I know exactly what I want, where I want it but have been discouraged by some local artists. They want to do it THEIR WAY. This is really special to me and I need it done MY WAY! I am not trying to be stubborn. I welcome advice but, dont appreciate being dictated to. My feeling is if you can’t do it, then your really not good enough for me. Miami ink is really into pleasing their customers and that is truly what I expect from my artist!

  7. Lynda Khalil

    Hello from Australia,

    Hope this email finds everyone well and happy. I would just like to say my partner and I watch your show and love it. He is in Daytona at this very moment for bike week and has insisted that I join him next year so I have decided to do this.

    When we are in Orlando next year for Bike week we would very much like to make a side trip so he can get some work done on an existing tattoo. If it is possible and I hear back from you guys, I will take a photo of the tattoo and send it to you and maybe you can see if that is at all possible to incorporate something to it.He only got his first after his divorce and then he got another one while we were on holiday in Phuket, Thailand.It would mean so much to him. I really hope you guys can help.

    Thank you very much.


  8. Leslie

    Good morning from Arkansas. First off the 3 step for a unique tattoo Is something I did not know. Thank you. Now I’m needing some help. I’m looking for a unique back tattoo to tie Into the one I have running from the top of my shoulder to my waist. I’ve seen some great looking tatts but I would like some thing a bit more out there. My tatt contains flowers and a humming bird and butter fly. Would you have any Ideas? Thanks!

  9. Richard C

    I have 2 tattoo’s already on my arms, but for my birthday im going BIG, basically i want one of two things.
    Either i get wings of a dragon that look like my own, or i want a dragon looking like its holding on to my back.
    Only problem is ive gone through your tattoo pics, and ive found a pic of the type of dragon i want but in wrong pose, and ive found a pic of the pose i want, now the wings is a problem cause i cant find any i like.

    Any pics, suggestions or just general help would be appreciated thanks


  10. hows it mike

    thanks alot love the ideas love the work i wish i had money because i would love to get one on my iner arm,anyway love hope it work out

  11. mel bella

    thanks alot love your work and the great ideas you come up with hope to meet you one day

  12. jason carlton

    the info andtattoo designs i have recieved thus far have bveen very helpful

  13. nicole

    i am looking for designs on skeleton brides, and i also have a shocking job on my arm that i would like covered up, i live in perth so ideally an artist from here would be great if you could recommend any. Ta

  14. Edie

    I am looking for ideas for a tattoo that would include my 5 kids…something creative. I’m still searching through your library..i’m sure something is bound to
    interest me.

  15. shane

    hi there i am looking for a wizard with a sword breaking a glass spheredo u know were i can find one

  16. john williams

    hi, im looking for a rememberance tattoo for the fallen heroes.
    probly a soldier standing or kneeling over a cross or dead soldier.

    can you help

  17. Svein Gunnar Klaeboe

    A`m lokking for a nice/funny angel, who is holding the names of my 3 children,
    You now, my Angel Kids 🙂

    It can bee an cartoon angel, An Angel who looks happy.

    From Norway

  18. Cinderella Manzella

    Hello I have been getting emails lately from you. And I want to get another tattoo. I got my 1st aprox 30 years ago om my wrist It hurt soooo bad that I waited until about 20 some odd years to try to get another that is on my shoulder Hurt toooo Never Finished it.. I want to get a very special tattoo a memory tattoo from my ankle down to my toes a long stem of flowers filled with my 10 Childrens, Birthdates, and Names, I wonder the pain cream will it help and does all shop carry and know how to give a Painless Tattoo..Oh and is this going hurt still with the cream? I await your answer Have a Blessed Day ***********

  19. sean cullen

    i have been looking 4 a maouri tribal half sleeve.i have only seen it once in a mag but have since been unable 2 find it again,maybe u will b able 2 help me with this problem.the tat is the same as if it was a basket weave effect.any help would b appreciated

  20. Wietz

    Hallo from South-Africa (johannesburg)

    Love all your designs and humor. Great show. Got my second arm done just a cupple of days ago. Every time i watch you guys i want to call my artist. haha.
    you girls are very sexy.
    keep it up

  21. archie moodie

    thanks for the free fonts and valuable imformation as useull you have helped me again this trulay is the best sight to be on as miami ink help me in evrry way iam gratefull for this as you are more helpfull each time i come on this sight thanks archie

  22. charlene

    i have been looking for a pair of angel wings but cant find any i like, this will be my first tattoo and want to add my kids names to it

  23. Sue de Bomford

    Hi Mike,

    thank you for the free fonts and information. It is nice to have some one give one something for nothing. I have two very good friends die resently and I would like to have a tattoo in memory of them. I have two very small tattoos and one on the underside of my Left arm. I would like to have another on the under side of my right arm but not sure of a design. I don’t want anything to do with god. Can you help me. Thanks again sue.

  24. Trish Zurczak

    I just got my second tattoo did the same care procedure as my first but for some reason the curel is leaving a wax build up on my second tattoo.I have tried washing with soap and water but it just does not want to come off. any ideas? I have stoped putting anything on it for now hopping it will eventually come off with washing and the skin can finish peeling.

  25. chelle

    Cheers! Need ideas for matching 10th wedding anniversary tattoos for me n hubby if anyone can help? x

  26. Lou Laing

    Hi I am looking for a design with a Black Headed Rose, with a blue and red dragon twisted round the stem, would you have any such designs??

  27. Frank Pickton

    I have been using Photoshop for a year now. Designing Tattoo’s for friends. Now that I have joined your web site, it has given me the ability to combine various Tattoos’ and do so much more, without having to start from scratch. Thanks and great advice above.

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