Abstract Tattoos


Abstract TattoosAbstract tattoos are, quite simply, exactly what they sound like. They can be made up of self created imagery or make use of other symbols and modify them, or resemble nothing at all. Abstract tattoos are not necessarily a common or popular type of tattoo, but their prevalence has been growing in the body art world over the past couple of years as a unique way of expressing oneself with permanent ink and using your own body as a canvas.


Some Information and Examples of Abstract Tattoos:

 There are many examples of abstract tattoos found on the internet and in art books. As stated before, the possibilities with abstract tattoos are truly endless and can contain any number of symbols or artwork that you may consider. Recently, there has been an uprising in the number of tattoos making full use of the concept of abstract art by famous artists that practice Abstract Line Tattooswithin this medium, for example you may find some examples where it looks like some one has splattered paint or just turned a brush in certain areas. 

The interesting part about these tattoos is the variation in depth and shading that must be made to look as close to a painting on canvas as possible. Beyond this basic idea of abstract art, many choose to adorn their bodies with tattoos that resemble recognizable symbols. Take for example the sign commonly associated with the male gender, now add a peace symbol and an anarchy sign within the circle of that image. This might be the type of tattoo sought by those looking to achieve this kind of visual effect.


Abstract Tattoos in a Nutshell

 Even with the two simple examples above, you can see that these tattoos can take advantage of the hottest trends in modern abstract art or take on a form of their own with any sort of symbol or image you want to modify and make your own. Remember that you need to discuss with the tattoo artist you regularly attend any plans for what you want to do, to make sure that they are comfortable performing this sort of artwork. Abstract tattoos are still a rather unique type of tattoo to receive, though they are becoming more popular as time goes on.

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