Animal Tattoos


animal tattoosAnimal tattoos can have many and varied meanings, depending on their context. From something as simple as displaying your favorite animal, to a deep spiritual connection to the imagery that you choose, such as representing a spirit guide, the ability to express oneself with animal tattoos is a popular and common form of body art. In this article, we will explore some common cultural influence over these designs and what they could mean to each person receiving the design.


Animal Tattoos in Different Cultures

For a lack of better words, pretty much every culture has some connection to animals in a spiritual capacity. In the case of many Native American tribes, for example, animals were seen as spirit guides connecting the human psyche to the spiritual realm through the noble or ferocious quality of their animal spirit guides. Animal tattoos can be an interesting way to express this connection and certain qualities about yourself that you feel can be connected with certain qualities of the animals in question. animal tattoo design

In other cultures, certain animals are associated with demons, and many get animal tattoos to express their inner demons in a way to acknowledge their harmful influence over their personality, as a reminder to keep these negative aspects in check. As you can see, much like flowers, certain plants, and certain outright spiritual imagery, animal tattoos can very well express cultural opinions on the subject. At the simpler end of these designs, they can be used to express love for a particular animal, such as a pet or just a favorite, though this type of design is not as popular as the more spiritual imagery.


Animal Tattoos in a Nutshell

It’s easy to see that any animal can make a great tattoo for the right person. Whether animal tattoos are used to express love for your favorite animal, or has deep cultural and religious significance, you may find an animal tattoo to be just what you’re looking for.

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