Devil Tattoos


Devil Tattoo on Right ArmDevil tattoos can have a surprisingly wide variety of meanings, depending on who wears the tattoo, their religious affiliation, their sense of humor, and many other elements that make up their personality.

Devil tattoos run the gamut from funny to serious, from simple to complex, and should be discussed with the wearer before making an assumption as to their overall meaning.


Meanings of the Devil Tattoos

On the simple end of meaning and imagery, cartoon devil tattoos generally show the sense of humor or a sense of devilish mischief in the person who wears them. They are usually made up of the classic red horns, tail, and pitchfork image that we associate with the humorous image of the devil.

On the complex end of imagery, a highly complex image of the devil can be a reminder to stay away from evil, or remind the wearer of a certain situation in their past that may have been tainted, such as a decision that they want to remind themselves not to make again or that they want to grow and move on from. Devil tattoos that are accompanied by inverted pentacles or other Satanic imagery can be an extremely serious expression of religious rebellion or belief.Devil Tattoo Drowing and Stencil

As you can see with just these simple examples, the meaning of devil tattoos can be serious or jovial, and they may carry very significant meaning to the person bearing the tattoo. With the variety of meaning and designs available, it is easy to see why they have always been a common tattoo design and continue to hold their own weight in the world of permanent body art. 


Devil Tattoos in a Nutshell

One should come up with their own meaning for their tattoo. Devil tattoos are interesting and can be complicated or extremely simple, they have no particular meaning, as they are often worn for different reasons.

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