Eagle Tattoo Tattoo Designs

American Eagle Tattoo Design

American Eagle Tattoo Design

Eagle tattoos were one of the first designs that became popular, even before body art was assigned the name of tattoo! With such a long history, it is easy to see why these designs are easy to find and are used in a variety of situations.

Eagle tattoos usually have a rather specific meaning, but it can change in a number of situations and dependent on their context in a certain culture. Even still, they are usually viewed in the same way throughout cultures.

Though there are a few meanings for eagle tattoos, they are all positive and they are a fine addition to any collection.


Eagle Tattoos Around The World

Girl With Chest Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoos For Girls – Chest

For those considering eagle tattoos, a little bit of background information can be extensively helpful. For example, eagles are one of the symbols that reflect patriotism for the United States. As the country’s officially chosen bird, that even adorns money, it is often worn by members of the military as a means of expressing their protection of their country.

Alternatively, in Norwegian mythology, the eagle represents wisdom, which is a simple but poignant meaning for eagle tattoos for those living in certain European countries. Further still, in Greek mythology, the eagle represented the sun god Zeus, and inside of the context of Egyptian tattoos can be an impressive and interesting centerpiece. This very powerful symbol of wisdom, freedom, and power, is a popular design for a number of reasons, and would be a fine addition to any collection or theme of body art.


Beautiful Eagle Tattoo - Chest

Beautiful Eagle Tattoo – Chest

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Green Eagle Tattoo

Green Eagle Tattoo Designs


Amazing Eagle Back Piece

Amazing Eagle Back Piece

One last thing on Eagle Tattoos

As you can see from this article, eagle tattoos are a very old design that has remained popular through the advent and popularization of modern art and tattooing techniques. Eagle tattoos are a worthy and appropriate design for many applications, whether patriotic, military, or simply as a symbol of freedom or wisdom.

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