Butterfly Tattoos


Butterfly TattoosButterfly tattoos are a very popular design, in fact, one of the most popular. From simple to complex, butterfly tattoos can be seen on many wearers and usually have a rather broad set of meanings dependent on the recipient. It should be noted that butterflies are a, usually, feminine symbol.


The Meaning Behind Butterfly Tattoos:

Butterfly tattoos can have many meanings, but most of them seem to center around the idea of transformation or renewed life, coming in to something better from a situation that is unacceptable. Bear in mind, a caterpillar goes in to a cocoon and emerges as a butterfly, so butterfly tattoos can often reflect this sort of transformation in an elegant way.

To be more particular about the meaning about these tattoos, look at Japan, where a singlebutterfly tattoos black white butterfly tattoo can represent a young woman and two of them can represent marital bliss. This is but one meaning, and from culture to culture, butterfly tattoos can have several different meanings.

Take the Aztecs; for example, where the butterfly was a tattoo used to symbolize a dead warrior whose soul had taken the journey in to the afterlife, similarly, it was also used for women who had died during childbirth. These were the most significant deaths to the Aztec culture, thus it seems that the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly represented the passage from life in to the afterlife for that particular culture.


Butterfly Tattoos in a Nutshell

Butterfly tattoos, being one of the most popular tattoo designs for women, are very popular but run the gamut from a very simple meaning to a quite complicated one. Like most tattoos, the meaning behind one of them can be very personal to the wearer, and the designs run from simple to intricate. According to the culture that one belongs to, butterfly tattoos can have several different meanings.

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