Belly Button Tattoos


belly button tattoosBelly button tattoos may just be the most popular type of tattoo for young women seeking to get their first or only tattoo. The general idea behind them is that they will increase beauty, but can have a variety of meanings and designs. Belly button tattoos, perhaps because of the preservation of the overall symmetry of the body, are extensively common.


Belly Button Tattoos and its Meanings

As with any tattoo design, belly button tattoos usually mean something particular to the person wearing it, whether it is personal or just for their own delight in the imagery. Though they are usually circular, there are a variety of designs that would be appropriate. Most of these have a specific center to them or define a sense of symmetry, because they are placed directly in the center of the body. They are usually made up of rings of flowers, leaves, Celtic designs, or sun designs. belly button tattoo design

Often, these designs can carry special spiritual significance to the person wearing the tattoo, and women often get them to commemorate the birth of a child or something else related to life and happiness. Often, women can combine their tattoos with the art of body piercing to create a special significance or visual effect.

Though most of these tattoos are performed on women, there are a few men that wear certain designs as well. However, the designs generally worn by men are usually part of an overall theme of tattoos covering the chest and belly region, as opposed to a single tattoo. 


Belly Button Tattoos in a Nutshell

Belly button tattoos are, as mentioned before, extremely popular and only seem to be getting more popular as time passes. The pervasiveness of belly button tattoos implies that they will not be going out of style any time soon, and though most are placed on females, there are a few designs that are popular for males, as well.

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