Aztec Tattoos


aztec tattoosAztec tattoos are one of the oldest traditions within tattoo culture, as well as world history and the history of culture itself. Spirituality is inextricable with Aztec tattoos, and the meaning and quality of the piece are directly related. The interesting designs originated in Mexico with the Aztec culture, as one can easily surmise given even a small amount of information. This civilization flourished before being destroyed by Spanish settlers from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries. Their rich mythology and sense of tradition is what directly inspired all of the tattoos.


Meanings Behind Aztec Tattoos

Aztec tattoos have a very wide variety of meanings and purposes within the culture, and an exhaustive list would be entirely impossible for the purposes of this short article. We will, however, go in to detail about one. The Aztec sun design, one of the most common Aztec tattoos, symbolized the belief in an afterlife, while showing worship and adoration for the Aztec sun god named “Huitzilopochtli.” aztec sun tattoo

As you can see from even this simple description, the symbolism is quite serious and important to any one who follows the culture. On top of this sort of attention to one particular symbol, it should be noted that the Aztecs only performed tattooing during rituals, and there are symbols for warriors, freedom, and other important facets. The tattoos were also used to differentiate between members of various tribes within the Aztec culture.


Aztec Tattoos in a Nutshell

Aztec tattoos, with an extremely rich history and attention to spiritual and cultural relevance, can be a unique and, certainly, interesting addition to any tattoo series. With a small amount of normal research, one can find the hidden meaning behind whichever symbol they choose to get. Aztec tattoos are flourishing, but not necessarily the most common type of tattoo design, which sets it apart from certain other fads within the community.

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