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Chest Dragon Tattoo Design

Colorful Chest Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoos are a somewhat common design with current fads and interest in the tattooing community.

With styles ranging from simple to very intricate, your ability to find a dragon tattoo to fit your personality and tastes is well within the realm of possibility.



Background On Dragon Tattoos:

Full Body Dragon Tattoo Design

Full Body Dragon Design

In legend, dragons are not generally considered mere animals or snakes, they are considered to be extremely intelligent, free thinking, sentient beings capable of deep thought and are considered to be very wise in legend. Dragon Tattoos, therefore, reflect this legendary understanding of the creatures and their wisdom, and can range in meaning from hope and purity to anger, rage, jealousy, or other deeper meanings.

The meaning of dragon tattoos are, therefore, essentially up to the receiver, but there are some general guidelines and a small amount of information that those seeking dragon tattoos aught to be aware of.


Men Dragon Tattoo

Men Dragon Tattoo

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Girl With A Red Dragon Tattoo

Girl With A Red Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo Meanings:

Dragon tattoos do, often, take on different meanings when they are inked on to a woman or a man. For women, the general meaning is that of “mother earth” or the creator of life. On a male, it is usually means a sign of raw power and aggression, but with a firm focus on control and, as previously stated, wisdom.

Green Dragon Tattoo Design Leg

Green Dragon Tattoo Design Leg

There are also many types of dragons, which all carry different meanings. One should study the cultural and historic backgrounds of the type of dragons to be sure that they’re getting the proper, desired meaning of their tattoo. There are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindu, European, French, and many other types of dragons out there to choose from, and each contains a different background and meaning according to their respective cultures. A bit of research would do anyone considering dragon tattoos well.

Full Back Men Dragon Tattoo

Beautiful Full Back Dragon Tattoo

Regardless of what type of design you choose in your tattoo, it is important to know the meaning behind it and make sure it applies to your life. After all, it will be on you forever.

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