Biker Tattoos


Biker TattoosAs one can imagine, biker tattoos are worn by those who have an affinity for motorcycles. This simple idea can be further described as a love of freedom. For a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts, a tattoo reflecting this interest may be the best way of expressing their interest in this hobby.


Meanings Behind Biker Tattoos

Biker tattoos are often confused with prison or gang tattoos, but this is a mistake because they usually have absolutely no connection with violence or illegal activity. Though it is true that some biker tattoos are related to gang activity, for the most part they only reflect an interest and passion for freedom, the open road, and of course, motorcycles. They often consist of mottos or quotations that show an interest in their philosophical or religious beliefs. Biker Tattoo Design

They can also be worn in the interest of a memorial for a lost friend or large event. The imagery usually revolves around traditional symbols, such as flames or skulls, skeletons and, as you can imagine, motorcycles. Usually, the tattoos revolve around a specific type of motorcycle, because riders usually only support one specific type of motorcycle.

The most common styles are worn by those who drive Harley Davidson brand cycles, and to a lesser, but still very common, extent various brands of Chopper cycles. It would, obviously, be very unlikely for some one who rides Harley Davidson motorcycles or a chopper to get a tattoo of a racing bike from a Japanese manufacturer. These tattoos can range in design from the motorcycles themselves to the company logo and beyond.


Biker Tattoos in a Nutshell

Though biker tattoos do not generally have any connection with gang or other illegal activities, but they can at times carry meanings related to these factors. In other words, biker tattoos usually have little more connection to anything other than the wearer’s love for motorcycles and freedom.

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