Demon Tattoos


Demon Tattoos DesignDemon tattoos are not only a unique design, the number of ways that you can express yourself through wearing them is innumerable. Demons have been an important part of almost every major culture that has existed for the past several thousand years.

Demon tattoos, therefore, have this entire history to pull imagery and meaning from. For the purposes of a short article such as this, we won’t go in to a lot of detail regarding specific demons, but we will give some details about the general meanings of modern demons.


More Information on Demon Tattoos

Demon tattoos often carry simple designs such as the classic devil imagery of a red bald man with horns and a pitchfork, and complicated designs such as those found in Goetias. Beyond these basic designs that many can imagine, several demon tattoos are made up of the various sigils supposedly used to conjure the demons and cause them to manifest in to the normal, waking world. Scary Demon Face Tattoo Image

To get a good idea of the variety inherent in this, look at the fact that the most popular Goetia, The Lesser Seals of Solomon, contains 72 minor demons. Each of these demons has a depiction and a sigil associated with it. As you can see clearly from just this small amount of information, and taking in to account the huge variety of cultures and religions that utilize demons or spirits in to their belief structure, the available designs are almost limitless. 

Keep in mind, also, that each and every demon has its own personality and carries it own overall meaning within their respective contexts. There are some demons that can open locks, reveal information, reveal the future, cause attraction from the opposite sex, and even cause great fortune to come to the person using it, so their meaning is not necessarily a negative one.


Demon Tattoos in a Nutshell

There are so many designs and meanings available for demon tattoos that the decision as to which one to have tattooed can be almost intimidating. Though we focused on only one type of demon here, demon tattoos can be made of any demon from any culture.

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